Monday, February 13, 2012

Five Days & Five Hours

Sometimes God multiplies our joys and blessings, giving us more than we even expect.

So thankful for the multiplied blessings of this past week ~

For five days in Florida, at the Student Venture Leadership Conference held in Daytona Beach. These five days were filled with valuable treasures -
~ time spent with other staff leaders from across the nation.
~ how the best flight plan took us there a day early, which was the day with the best weather of our whole time there.
~ two mile walk with my husband along the beautiful sandy beach in perfect weather.
~ an ocean front room, with an awesome view of the ocean, waves coming in constantly.
~ great speakers, meaningful worship, powerful Word.
~ listening, and receiving insight and direction from God - exactly what we prayed for, and beyond what we even hoped for.
~ warm connections with friends over lunches, dinners, and around meeting room tables.
~ time to share, and to pray together, and be prayed for.
~ a break from the busyness of life at home - being refreshed and energized.

And thankful for five hours in Atlanta, where we transferred flights on our way home on Friday. These five hours also held unexpected treasure for us -
~ our original two-hour wait changed to five.
~ responding to Delta Airlines request for two people to volunteer to wait three extra hours for a later flight, as our original flight was overbooked.
~ my husband and I each receiving a $400 voucher for future flights.
~ and each of us receiving $12 vouchers for our meal as we waited.
~ time to enjoy Atlanta Bread soup and sandwich combo as we waited.
~ and Ben & Jerry's delicious caramel waffle bowl sundae.
~ being placed in first-class seats on the flight home after five hours in Atlanta.

Thanking God for the treasures that were found in the five days, and in the five hours.

"The Lord directs the steps of the godly.
He delights in every detail of their lives."
(Psalm 37:23)

(Counting 1000 Gifts in 2012 - #105-122)


  1. I miss Atlanta Bread! We used to have it here in KC, but no more. Guess I could have some if I went to Atlanta, at least for a layover:) Sounds like your conference time was blessed in many ways.

  2. I'll have to remember this the next time they ask for volunteers :)

  3. Your trip sounds like a lovely blessing, Cherry (ocean front? *sigh*). So glad you had this chance to be refreshed.

  4. What a wonderful experience, bread for your soul AND that tummy filling soup and bread combo! Patsy from