Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kindness and Grace

So much to think about from this verse - and the depth and breadth of God's kindness and grace goes on forever. It goes on as far as we can see, and beyond - there is no end.

One definition of grace is: "God's forgiving mercy"(Easton's Bible Dictionary)  In another place, grace is described as "His undeserved kindness". (Romans 11:5)

Kindness - mercy - grace. Things that God so freely gives. And our part is to receive. I find that sometimes the person I am the most unkind to, the most unforgiving of, the most difficult to receive this grace for, is - myself.  Especially when I have caused harm to someone by a careless word, or by a lack of understanding. Hardest when it has been to my own family, the ones I love the most. For even though as moms we love our children so deeply, we miss opportunities to show affirmation and care, and our words and actions amidst the busy days of mothering sometimes cause hurt and pain to those we love the most. And it is also hard when we miss opportunities to show love to others around us - to our friends, and even to strangers . I sometimes find it difficult to forgive myself, to offer grace to myself. To accept His grace and forgiveness for missed opportunities, for mistakes.

But that is exactly what God sent His Son to die for - to offer us grace. Forgiving mercy - undeserved kindness. Kindness and grace with no end, going on forever. And we need to accept this, and give ourselves grace. All our mistakes are covered ...

"All our mistakes make room for grace." 
(Beth Moore - James - Mercy Triumphs)

Thanking God for some deeper insight into His "kindness and grace" these past weeks. 
Sensing His forgiving mercy and undeserved kindness in some deep ways in my heart. 
And filled to overflowing with thanks.

(Photo above - a breath-taking view of the Mediterranean on our recent trip to Italy for our 40th Anniversary.)

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