Friday, June 5, 2020

A Time to Pause

As we near the end of another week filled with pain in our world, our country, our cities, may we find some moments to pause our racing hearts and thoughts, to bring our grief to our faithful, loving God, who cares and knows us better than we even know ourselves...⠀

To be still is to receive.⠀
To faithfully pause,  
to soak up His Love and His Grace.⠀
The soaking up, the receiving,
is what brings growth.⠀
To still our souls is 
to open the door to receive.⠀
To be what He created us to be.⠀
To grow into something beautiful.⠀
By His power alone.⠀
Becoming beautiful and fruitful.
For Him.

Praying for comfort, for the things that only He can do in my heart, in your heart, in every heart.⠀
And can you even grasp the beauty of these fuchsia flowers?! Some new flower buds opened up this week, and I can hardly even contain the beauty. May we be in awe of the things that only God can do - even in me, and also in you.