Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Just Start

 Just Start


   do we often wait until

   we have all the time we want

   until we venture to start

   something on our minds?

   Maybe we just need to start.

   Maybe we need to start with

   baby steps, 15-minute steps.

   And at the end of a week, or even

   a month, we’ll be pleasantly

   surprised to find that we are well

   on our way, making progress.

   Just take the first step, and then

   the next. And the next and the next.

   Being faithful in the present

   moment, with a 15-minute step.

   Not focusing on the finishing line,

   but taking steps; slow, but steady

   steps towards your goal.

   Desiring to focus not so much

   on the goal, or even on the task itself,

   but on being faithful with each

   step along the way, being faithful

   in the present, in the moment.

  Trust in the Lord and do good;

  Dwell in the land

  and cultivate faithfulness.

    (Psalm 37:3 NASB)

What do we care about the most?

In our walk with Jesus?

With our husband?

In our families?

In our homes?

As we serve others?

With our passions and gifts?

Why is it so easy to let other things crowd out the most important?

Why don't we give attention to the things that matter the most?

Let's take little steps, baby steps, even 15-minute steps towards the things that matter the most to us.

(I came across the words above, "Just Start", in my notes recently, written maybe 5-10 years ago? It seems to be the perfect time to share these thoughts as I am continually being reminded to take little steps, which then all together, add up to big steps. Maybe it will be an encouragement to you, as well? Click here to read another post I wrote recently, which is applicable to these words, as well.)

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