Tuesday, December 31, 2019

In the Kitchen: For the Love of Cooking

I've always enjoyed cooking to some degree, and especially have loved trying out new recipes. And I do love to prepare a special meal, and create a warm atmosphere for people to gather together around and connect deeply together. But for the most part, if I were given the choice of being in the kitchen for an afternoon or spending time focusing on some of my other interests, I would say that the other interests would take first place. 

At the start of this calendar year 2019, though, something changed a bit. Somehow, a love of cooking and baking has bubbled up in my heart, and I will often choose being in the kitchen above some of my other interests. I do have quite a few interests/hobbies that I absolutely love (writing, reading, working with photos, etc.). And now at the end of 2019, being in the kitchen preparing delicious and fun recipes also fits into one of my favorite things to do! 

Here are just a very few of the things that have happened In the Kitchen in recent weeks/months ...

It was fun to try out this new Fluffy Pumpkin Pancakes recipe a few months ago ... so very good! They freeze well, too, and I put extras in the freezer to pull out one at a time for a quick breakfast. I especially like them smothered with butter and pure maple syrup, with also a dollop of vanilla yoghurt on top.

The fall season cannot go by without making Pumpkin Pie, and I always use the same recipe. Why look for another when you already love the one you have? Click here for the recipe here on my blog.

Another new recipe for me in the past few months is this Taco Soup! So very good! I like the combination of the kidney beans, corn, and black beans ... so very tasty. I love that it also freezes very well. I made a larger batch after trying it out, and froze some to give to a daughter when we visited her the beginning of December. (See photo below.)

It was a delight to find another great new recipe this past month ... this time, a very delicious Christmas bread! Not only delicious, but beautiful, as well. 

This recipe, as well as the Taco Soup recipe, are from Tastes Better from Scratch, a food blogger that has become one of my favorites in recent months. I am loving many of the recipes that I find on her site.

Cranberry Orange Bread is a joy to make, and is a treat to share with others. The colors and the scents of the food ingredients are just a delight.

It is fitting that my last post of the year 2019 is a food related post! This has been a year of falling deeper in love with cooking! And I look forward to sharing more food-related posts in the New Year 2020!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Immanuel: God with Us

Just three days
until Christmas Day, but actually,
it's 29 days until our Family Christmas,
in mid-January this time around!!

This month has been filled with
activities, and multiple opportunities
to love and care for others. There
have been five funerals to go to
(though we were only able to go
to three), and a dear precious friend
in the hospital suffering with ALS.

Through the good and the hard,
I'm so thankful for the greatest gift -
Immanuel: God with Us ... for His
presence and his many gifts to us
always, and during this month.

Christmas programs for grandkids,
so many precious friends and family.
A fun Christmas Party as a CityGroup.
The joy of worshipping together, each
week as a Citylight Midtown family.

Beauty and love that fills our senses,
the lights and the Christmas decor.
Time for some Christmas baking, some
Chocolate Peanut Clusters and these
loaves of Cranberry Orange Bread.
And more to come for our Family
Christmas in January.

Immanuel: God with Us ... today,
and every day. Our greatest gift!

Monday, December 9, 2019

In the Quiet

A King, our Savior;
He came, in the quiet.
To redeem, to set free;
to give His life.

It was on a holy, still night
in an obscure little village
He first came, unannounced,
unnoticed by those around.

And He continues, in the quiet;
bringing comfort, speaking truth;
ready to love, ready to fill
those who wait, those who thirst.

May we learn from Him;
not seeking fanfare or applause,
but in the stillness of our days,
may we live our lives, faithfully
giving our lives away, for Him,
because of Him.

(Pausing to listen and learn from Him during this 
often busy and always beautiful Christmas season.
Thanking Him, Immanuel: God with us)