Saturday, December 1, 2018

On My Heart: December Rhythms

I still keep thinking about that word that grabbed my heart a month and a half ago as we were returning home from our trip east. And it comes back to me as we enter the month of December.

And I'm reminded that maybe of all the months in the year, it is especially important and even crucial that we keep our lives, our hearts in rhythm with His heart this month. 

This most wonderful month of the year, the month of celebrations and of gathering with family and friends, can also become filled with stress and an overload of busyness. For everyone, but possibly more so for mothers and also for grandmothers? We have much to do as we prepare for times of celebration this month. And it is wonderful; the most wonderful time of the year.

But what I need, what we all need ... 
is to keep in step with our Creator. The One who made us, who gave us this privilege of loving and caring for our families, and for others. 

What can keeping in step with Him   
look like during December?

Maybe it means that we need to slow down a bit, and allow ourselves to do less than we sometimes try to do during this month? There's no doubt that there is a lot we need to do to prepare for Christmas in our homes, but just maybe there are things that we really don't need to do. 

Maybe the best gifts are the simple gifts - the gift of presence. A listening ear, paying attention, taking time to really care. 

And maybe we need to first of all, allow ourselves to be cared for, and to receive His gift of presence. To daily and moment-by-moment, live in His presence. Allowing ourselves times to be still, and to soak up His love and His peace. 

This is what He came for.
 Immanuel, God with us. 

His presence, His "with us", is for all our days, for the month of December; for each day and each moment.

For our quiet moments ...
pausing to soak up His love each day. Reading His Words, reading Advent readings such as The Greatest Gift (which I hope to re-read again this year). Journaling my thoughts, my prayers. Making my life a prayer.

For our days filled with activity ...
as we work at our jobs, as we shop for gifts, as we decorate our homes, as we prepare for our family feasts and times with friends ... inviting Him  into everything we do. Talking with Him about everything; depending on Him for all that we do in preparation for Christmas. Day by day, and moment by moment. There is nothing too small to bring to Him for His help, for His care.

For each day of this month ...
walking and living in rhythm with Him. Opening our hearts, our eyes, to Him. Watching for His gifts everywhere. Watching for all the ways He loves us. Watching for the people that need our love, His love. 

Lord, may I choose to look to You for the rhythms of my life this Christmas. Not to others, not to the hustle and the "to do's". But to You, "God with us".

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