Tuesday, August 31, 2021

A Beautiful Hibiscus Plant, and a Few Thoughts

Unexpected joys ...
a gift from family this summer;
a little bubbling fountain on our patio,
and with it came a little potted hibiscus plant.
Every few weeks throughout the summer,
it has burst open with one or two
absolutely gorgeous yellow flowers!

It reminds me of how quite unexpectedly 
we can come across a familiar verse,
and find ourselves surprised and blessed
with rich new insight, and bubbling joy.
Here's one from a few days ago, 
from Romans 3:24 (The Passion Translation)

Yet through His powerful declaration of acquittal,
God freely gives away His righteousness.
His gift of love and favor now cascades over us,
all because Jesus, the Anointed One,
has liberated us from the
guilt, punishment, and power of sin.
(Romans 3:24 TPT)

These truths are so familiar to us, but are so completely amazing. When we pause and listen carefully as the Spirit gives us understanding, these words can take our breath away. God gives us His righteousness, all because of Jesus' sacrifice for us. So beautiful, beyond measure; a gift  ... His love and favor cascading over us. 


And a few thoughts the end of this month ...

Somehow, my writing here on my blog has slowed down. But my love of writing has continued on - in my devo journal, in my planner, and in my desire to share from my heart in cards and notes ... even in this stage of life that my husband and I are now in. Retired, both in our 70's, and having celebrated 50 years of marriage this month!

And I guess I am still finding my way, or rather, God's way, for us during retirement. He so clearly led us to retire from Cru last summer, though we originally thought we would continue on indefinitely (yes, even though we are in our 70's!). We followed His leading step-by-step to make the big change, and have transitioned to more intentionally live a quiet life. Primarily focusing on time with Him, in His Word, and next in focusing on time with our dear family (6 grown kids and their families), and with our friends. It's also been a time for us to slow down, and deeply enjoy our life together, along with time to pursue a variety of interests that we both have. All while being available for whatever He has for us. We are really loving this time together ...

And as a result of this focus on such a variety of things, writing here on my blog has slowed down. There are seasons when we just need to pull aside, pause, and be still. Though the daily things of life do keep us quite busy, our retirement has definitely been a season of being still, also accentuated by the recent year and a half of varying degrees of actual quarantines.

But now, as the fall season approaches, I am sensing a bit of a nudge to slowly start sharing here more, but in a bit of a quieter approach. Not looking for a big following in any way, but welcoming family and friends (and anyone who comes by) into this season of life through my writing. Maybe sharing a short devo that I have posted on Instagram (such as the thoughts above about our lovely hibiscus plant, along with thoughts from Romans 3:24), a fun recipe post, or something creative that has blessed me. 

Just a quiet sharing from what is on my heart ... thank you for coming by!