Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekly Menu Plan - Dec. 20-26

This is the week for food preparation ... for 23 family members around our table on Christmas Day! I'm thankful for our four married daughters who help with the food, as well ... and I will be spending a few hours in the kitchen each day in preparation. I always wish that I could get all the Christmas baking done ahead of time, before the week of Christmas, but it never happens. But that is okay ... it is fun to be baking the week of Christmas.

Some of the things I have already prepared these past weeks:
dinner rolls (pictured above ... tried a new recipe, adapting my mother's dinner roll recipe for my Bosch machine)
date pinwheels (they needed to be in the refrigerator overnight; baking left for today)
cranberry-caramel chex mix

And left to do this week yet, besides the food prep for our big Christmas Dinner:
bake the date pinwheels
make some more chocolate peanut clusters
and make a few appetizers for our evening snack spread on Christmas Day

My daily menus for the week will be so simple that I won't even list them by day ... just some fried rice meals, and homemade chicken noodle soup ... saving on time, and looking forward to the feasting this weekend!

Our Christmas Dinner menu:
Spiral-sliced Ham
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Dressing (still looking for a new one, to prepare in the slow cooker)
Green Bean Casserole
Cashew Tossed Salad (Carrie bringing)
Pistachio Salad (Amy bringing)
Cranberry Relish Salad (Sara bringing)
Dinner Rolls
Birthday Cake for Jesus
Christmas Goodies

Our Christmas Day evening snack spread is something our whole family looks forward to. Our daughters each bring yummy snacks to add to those I will have. An evening of snacking on appetizers and sweet goodies, playing games, and enjoying being together ... can't get much better than that! Maybe I will post about our spread after Christmas ... it is always so yummy and fun.


  1. picturing you on this day with your precious family around:):):) yes, and do share the spread!

  2. I am a friend of Lynne Hemen's....and the stuffing recipe that I use in the crockpot (usually under chicken or pork chops) is: a big round container of Stovetop Chicken flavored stuffing mix cooked to directions and then adding one can of condensed cream of chicken mushroom soup. I put this in the crockpot like I said, usually under chicken breasts or pork chops and cook all day on low. But, if you are just cooking the dressing alone, you could adjust the time accordinly. Merry Christmas. I so enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Thanks, "texasnana", for your great stuffing recipe! I have already found one from Taste of Home that I will be using for Christmas Day, but I want to be sure and try yours out after Christmas. It sounds so good, and also, easy ... thanks for sharing! And ... happy that you enjoy reading my blog! Have a Merry Christmas!