Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekly Menu Plan ~ Dec. 6-12

Needing a little incentive to be more faithful with planning my menus out in advance ... and am thinking that posting them here might help. I have used many different charts and plans over the years to plan menus. So important. The planning of what to make for a meal is the most difficult part of getting a meal on the table. And having a big collection of recipes is wonderful, but sometimes makes the choices more difficult.

Loving organizing as I do, I re-organized (again!) my many recipes this past summer. Now my favorites are in pocket albums, narrowing my choices down from the big card file collection I have accumulated over the years. This definitely helps with making my menus for the week.

Somehow, being in "empty nest" years, it seems even harder to keep up with the menu planning ... much easier for us to just put something together at the last minute. And one dish can last for several meals. But starting with this week, in addition to writing out the menus for the week in my notebook, I will try posting them here on my blog. Providing a little accountability so I will keep up with it? I hope so ...

Mon. ~ Saucy Chicken Casserole
Tues. ~ Meatloaf  (Rerun from Sunday)
Wed. ~ Yum-a-setta  (Freezer Meal - Thanks, Amy!)
Thurs. ~ Instead-of-Frying Fish
Fri. ~ (Date Night)
Sun. ~ Sunday Chicken and Stuffing

Breakfasts ~ 
Make cinnamon rolls (for this week / and for freezer to use for Christmas Day)
Make Ham'n'Cheese Quiche * NEW  (one for this week / one for freezer for Christmas week)

Breads ~ 
Bake Honey Whole Wheat Bread (4 loaves + use 2 portions for cinnamon rolls)
(using Bosch machine which makes enough dough for six loaves at a time)

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