Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Preparing Our Hearts

December is here ... the season of preparations. As a mom and grama, I have much to do to prepare for our big Family Christmas. I love this season of decorating, baking, gift-giving, and gathering together of loved ones. And I also love to take time to be still, and to prepare my heart to remember the coming of the Babe in the Manger, the One who came to bring us Life.

And so many memories to treasure in my heart of years with six children at home ... all the excitement, and anticipation of the days leading up to Christmas. And now, with nine sweet grandchildren, the excitement has even multiplied. On Christmas Day, our house will be overflowing with Love, all a gift from the One who came ... Jesus.

Family traditions are all a part of this season, and so, my husband and I, in our "empty nest" years, will be continuing on with the daily readings to go along with our "Jesse Tree", quieting our minds and hearts at the end of each day ... remembering, and anticipating the birth of Jesus.

Many years of using our Jesse Tree during Advent ... made when our home was filled with children. (Not sure when we started this; thinking our younger three will remember it more than the older ones.) And now ... this year, continuing on with the anticipation and the preparing of our hearts, we will be using a new Jesse Tree. An old tradition, but a new look! And a brand new collection of readings ... all a generous gift, with love, from Ann Voskamp. I have been so blessed by following her daily posts on "A Holy Experience". A new set of readings deserves a new look for our Jesse Tree. 

Love these times with my husband ... the readings have so much to dwell on as we remember and celebrate the most wondrous Gift ever given ... Jesus.

And we will love it when Levi and Ali ... Cruz ... Jake and Cole ... and later, on Christmas Day ... Abigail, Crystal, Luke, and Brianna, come over ... and we will share our Jesse Tree, and the wonder of Jesus with them during this season.

Memories for our grown children ... our Jesse Tree for many years.


  1. following over from a holy experience

  2. i'm sorry i got a little behind make me look forward to empty nest years (if the Lord tarries)...and I am loving to read Ann's Jesse tree devotionals too! (doing RCA with the kids...or trying;) And I simply love this new Jesse Tree...I think you were a trend setter with it because I hadn't heard of it until a couple of years ago...and you were doing it since your kids were little!

    I read 'First Focus' with you. I am seeking to be oh so simple (not as easy for grama) and praying to stay the course!

    Be blessed Cherry! abby:)