Monday, December 13, 2010

Worth Every Effort

(Photo Source: Dreamstime)

Sometimes it is so easy, this meeting with God each day. And sometimes it takes such great effort to pull away from the millions of things calling for my attention. Especially during a season filled with busyness, with traditions, with many preparations on my list getting ready for our big Family Christmas ... coming up in less than two weeks!

But if I had not slowed my pace this morning, I would have missed this ...

"Take time to be holy. The word holy does not mean goody-goody; it means set apart for sacred use. That is what these quiet moments in My Presence are accomplishing within you. As you focus your mind and heart on Me, you are being transformed: re-created into the one I designed you to be." (From Jesus Calling)

Set apart for sacred use ... the specific, beautifully-crafted uses that our Master Potter created us for. Life to the full ... even today, and especially today.

"My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life." 
(John 10:10 NLT)

Quiet moments ... sometimes so hard. But always, so worth the effort.

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  1. This is great too! I had a sweet time with the Lord while Susie napped and JJ watched a cartoon...then he had peed himself and I thought I should have been with him...but it's ok, right? Oh, this parenting thing...thanks for the encouragement!