Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Week Thanks

(Photo Source: Dreamstime)

Christmas week ... that beautiful, magical time of year. I love this season, and love all the holidays of the year. But ... also am aware that this is the time of year when many in our world experience great loneliness, and when heartaches loom larger than ever. Even yesterday at church, I talked with someone who has a heavy heart ... and I pray for them and for others at this time of year.

Thank You, loving Lord, for ...

holding my heart together during times of great heartache and pain in the past ... and for drawing me closer to Your heart during those times.

the blanket of peace You have placed over me as we experience a present-day trial ... help me not to move out from under this blanket, putting on fear and worry, instead.

the peace and beauty of this season ... full of joy.

continually helping me to learn to embrace my weaknesses ... for they are what call me to run to You, my strength.

our Christmas shopping finished ... such a good feeling to purchase the last gifts Saturday evening.

doctor visits, and some relief for foot pain my husband has been experiencing ... aftermath from his bad accident nearly nine years ago.

the simple joys of this past week ...

relaxing in our family room, with the wood stove going ...

stopping to see grandson, Cruz, and his mommy (a sweet daughter) ... and fun to see their Christmas tree and little train ...

progress with Christmas baking ...

our church family, and a fun Christmas party as leaders ...

macbooks, and a son who encouraged us to make the switch three years ago ...

the inspiring thoughts as we read our Jesse Tree readings ... written by Ann Voskamp

and the great blessing of looking forward to Christmas Day with our whole family of 21 home!!

(One Thousand Gifts #112-125)


  1. It is so important to remember those who may not be having the merriest of Christmases. Thank you for that gentle reminder. I get wrapped up in the happiness of the season at times and forget.

    Your list is beautiful. Enjoy your 21 this Christmas!

  2. What a beautiful blog! I enjoyed reading your gratitude list, and smiled to picture your 21 member gathering:) And a Macbook is on my dream list!

  3. awww...some new friends to find this! thanks for stopping and spending time and reading the last installment of our are a blessing and yes, i, too rejoice to think of you and your house with 21! and praying for the present day trial that He knows all about...