Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bread and Potatoes

Bread - a basic necessity of life. And I don't know why I have let a few months go by since I last made some bread. It is quite easy with the use of the Bosch machine that I inherited from my dear mother.

Using the "Honey Whole Wheat Bread" recipe from Shelley's Breads, I used my WhisperMill to grind up two different kinds of wheat grain (hard red spring wheat, and hard white spring wheat). Each batch of the dough was divided into six sections, and this time I used three of the sections of dough to make three loaves of bread, and used the other three to make three sets of hamburger buns (8 in each set). These hamburger buns are my husband's favorite - both for hamburgers, and also as sandwich buns.

Top left: grinding the wheat grain in the WhisperMill; Top right: hamburger buns ready to bake after rising
Bottom left: dividing the dough after the Bosch machine kneaded it, and after a 20-minute rising
Bottom right: setting the bread loaves in a slightly warm oven to rise for half an hour before baking

It was such a treat to have the aroma of bread baking in our home this past Saturday. And yesterday, the aroma of potatoes (and chicken) on the grill was a treat, as well. I tried a very easy idea for the potatoes - one which we will be repeating, I am sure. I microwaved the potatoes for about four minutes, put them on a generous-sized piece of foil, split them open, cut them up a bit with a fork, and added butter slices, shredded cheddar, and some chopped chives from our garden before I wrapped the foil up tightly. Set on the upper rack of our grill, they took the same amount of time to finish cooking as the barbecued chicken on the main grill rack.

Good food - so delicious, and so beautiful. I could not resist taking some photos, and sharing them here!

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  1. Your bread looks amazing! We make our grilled potatoes much the same as you... we'll have to make some soon! :)

  2. Baking bread is something I haven't done for ages. This looks so fun.

  3. Oh dear friend, you are tempting me beyond imagination....The bread looks divine and I know it is tasty beyond imagination.....Can I come for a visit? haahaha

  4. Your homemaking is so inspiring to me! Thank you for sharing Cherry! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  5. These do look delicious! My husband and I have recently been talking about making our bread including processing our own grain. We do have a grain mill so I'm finding this post quite inspiring!