Monday, May 21, 2012

The Blessings of Rest

Three weeks of our three months is now history ~ and we are blessed. Truly a gift from God to take three months off after 40 full years of ministry. 

My list of thanks today are a summary of the blessings of this rest so far. Captured in photo. Click here for photos covering week 1. And view below for weeks 2 and 3. And my words - below these digital scrapbook pages.

Thank You, loving Lord, for:

This gift of three months off.
Time for quiet, listening to You.
A change from the busyness of work and tasks.

A time for yard and garden.
Planning and planting of veggie garden.
Of flower pots for patio.

Time spent with family.
A son's help with yard and garden.
Connecting with daughters and grandkids.

Phone calls and email from family not here.
Sweet communication with friends in our church.
And with friends at graduation open houses each weekend.

Plans made for vacation trip in July.
Ideas for digital scrapbooking.
Time for home projects.

Enjoying life with my husband.
Our 40 1/2 years together.
All the blessings that come from You.

(Counting 1000 Gifts in 2012 #440-457)

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  1. very sweet & thank you for your service to our King!!! love your scrapbook pages ;)

  2. I love your scrapbook pages! Enjoy your rest in Him!

  3. I love this, Mom! And I am so impressed that you already have all of those pages scrapbooked. :) They look great. Looks like you've had a fun couple of weeks! Love you.

  4. stopping in from playdates...I just love how you did your captured your family so the new little one...I have one too:) blessings~

  5. Cherry, lovely photos . . . again! What a lovely way to share your gifts this week. I especially love the photo showing the generations in the first page above. Those are always such special photos. Have a great week!

  6. Oh, my goodness, Cherry, there is so much beauty here! What a lovely, lovely gift to have this time to spend together and with those you love. So many sweet blessings.