Friday, May 18, 2012

A Dream Come True

It was a dream come true to finally be married to my best friend and my love back in August of 1971 ~ and in recent years, I have dreamt of the day when I would have time to put photos and words together, documenting those early years of our marriage. Last summer I put our wedding photos and memories together in scrapbook form - in time for our 40th Wedding Anniversary - and this month I am blessed with time to continue on with our honeymoon pictures!

What fun it is to have these 40 year old photos, most of them faded and worn, come to life again! I am pleased that they are turning out so well - what a lot of memories they hold!

I have switched to digital scrapbooking since last summer, and I am finding that it is easier for me to take time to scrapbook this way. And with the use of some digital album templates, it is quite easy to put these pages together. The most time-consuming part is the scanning in of the 40 year-old photos, and doing a bit of editing in Photoshop Elements. Printing the pages out at home (in 8x8 inch size) for my album, also gives me the option of adding some traditional paper scrapbook pages (such as the third page in this post), where I could include the actual wedding invitation for Lee & Cheryl's wedding. So blessed and thankful for time to work on this project now.

Credit:  Digital Papers and Embellishments - from Scrap Girls COL_Inspiring, and JRE_Reflections of the Heart.  And album templates - from Scrap Girls ABR_SSLOAlb - Ser 5, and Ser 8.

And ultimate credit to our loving God ~ who clearly brought us together as husband and wife almost 41 years ago ~ and who also has helped me learn enough from Photoshop Elements that I can actually put these pages together!

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  1. Wow, you have been working hard. It is always good to remember. And ... you were as cute as could be.

  2. Thank you for sharing these photos - they're great! I was born in 1971, so they were particularly interesting for me.

  3. So fun to see these photos, Mom! I'm glad you are making time to do this.

  4. How wonderful! Great photos, I'm new to sneak peek Friday, and I having fun seeing everyone's talents!!

  5. These are just precious! How wonderful to put together these wonderful photos that hold such dear memories!! They just bring you right back to the day... I love how a photo can do that! Beautiful work Cherry!

  6. Love these photos, Cherry! You both look so happy! They remind me of my mom and dad's wedding :) This gives me some hope; I haven't done anything with my wedding photos and we will be married 25 years next month - lol!

  7. Love looking at these photos! Lee & Cheryl were married on my birthday! What awesome memories to treasure.