Friday, September 22, 2017

In the Kitchen: September 2017

After the more carefree days of summer, with the last-minute menu selections of easy grilled meals, together with fresh veggies from the garden for sides, I've switched to being a bit more intentional with my menu planning again. I've welcomed the change, and thought I'd share a little snapshot of some of the things that have been happening in my kitchen during September. Just for fun, and in case it may be an encouragement to you!

In the Kitchen: September 2017

From top left photo, and clockwise:

Loaded Grilled Chicken Sandwich

meals have been a blend of summer and of fall:
grilled meals, and the first soup of the season, 
salads, and the first butternut squash recipe. 

And today, the first official day of Fall
the warmth and delicious aromas
of pumpkin, apple, and caramel,
of comforting soups and main dishes;
calling me into the kitchen, again.

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