Monday, September 25, 2017

Quieting My Heart: His Agenda or Mine?

Whose agenda do I follow?
When I awake each morning,
do I think first of all
of all the things that I need to do?
Of all that is going on in my world?

Or do I remember
to pause,
and to also consider 
Who I am working for,
Who I am living for,
Whose I am?

If I really am created by God
for His purposes, for His glory - 
then clocking in with Him
is of highest importance,
as soon as I open my eyes
each morning, of each day.

“He must increase,
but I must decrease.”
(John 3:30)

Lord, may these words
be on my mind, my heart
each new day …
will Your agenda, Your plans,
be my highest goal each day …
and may I open up my
heart, and my mind, to
receive all that You have
for me today - 
all the love, all the strength, 
all the peace,
that You have for me today
as I follow You.

(Photo: from our Colorado Trip / Sept. 2013)

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