Friday, June 23, 2017

Quieting My Heart: Our Extraordinary Life

Do you sometimes⠀
rush through the ordinary ⠀
parts of your life, ⠀
and your days,⠀
considering that they⠀
are not that important?

It's like we are waiting⠀
each day, anticipating⠀
the time when the⠀
important will finally come.⠀

But the only time ⠀
to be fully alive ⠀
is in the present.⠀

"What if, instead of thinking⠀
we have to choose between⠀
our ordinary life⠀
and an extraordinary life,⠀
we began to realize they're⠀
the same thing?"⠀
(Emily Freeman)

Choosing to live fully⠀
in each sacred moment, ⠀
with Him;⠀
embracing each moment⠀
as important.⠀

"Instead, clothe yourself⠀
with the presence of⠀
the Lord Jesus Christ."⠀
(Romans 13:14)

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