Monday, June 26, 2017

Quieting My Heart: My Safe Place of Refuge

Wherever we are ...⠀
at the start of a new week,⠀
the end of a busy season,⠀
when we are in great need⠀
or when the day is peaceful,⠀
it always remains the same.⠀

He calls us to sit awhile,⠀
to pull aside,⠀
and to rest;⠀
to remember that⠀
He alone is our Rock⠀
and our Salvation,
our place of refuge.

"Let all that I am⠀
wait quietly before God,⠀
for my hope is in Him.⠀
He alone is my rock⠀
and my salvation,⠀
my fortress where⠀
I will not be shaken."⠀
(Psalm 62:5-6)⠀

It takes an effort⠀
in this busy, fast-paced world⠀
to pull aside,⠀
to take time for quiet,⠀
to wait, and to trust.⠀

"Quiet puts everything else⠀
on hold for a moment⠀
so that you can be held⠀
by God's calm and peace."⠀
(Bonnie Gray)


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