Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Menu Plan ~ March 28 - April 3

The photo above was taken at a store (Sprouts) in Dallas, that one of our daughters shops at each week. I loved all the fresh produce in the store ... and wish a Sprouts would open in our area. I cannot resist taking photos of food ... so beautiful, and motivates me to cook, using the delicious, colorful foods that God has given us.

I've taken a break from posting about my weekly menus, but maybe will start up doing it once in awhile again. Have done pretty well with planning menus in recent weeks/months, although often things get changed around a bit from what the original plans were. It's often easier for me to just pick a few recipes to try to use during the week, without assigning them to a specific day ... just nice to have some picked out and to make sure that I have the ingredients on hand. On other days I like to just pick a recipe at the time, choosing from the ingredients that we have on hand ... or even choosing a freezer meal that I have prepared ahead of time.

Main Dish Menus
Seasoned Talapia Fillets
Ham and Vegetable Soup *
Cheddar Chicken and Potatoes *

Lunch Menus
Cranberry Chicken Wraps *

Side Dishes / Salads
Layered Lettuce Salad
Finger Jello

Granola-to-go-Bars *

Baking / For the Freezer
Whole Wheat Bread (6 loaves)

* New recipes to try ~ am in the mood for some new ones this week!

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