Monday, March 14, 2011

Live Today

"Keep your eyes on Me ... Your gravest danger is worrying about tomorrow. If you try to carry tomorrow's burdens today, you will stagger under the load and eventually fall flat ~

You must discipline yourself 
to live within the boundaries of today. 
It is in the present moment that I walk close to you, 
helping you carry your burdens. 
Keep your focus on My Presence in the present." 
(Jesus Calling)

Beautiful words, and so important to be reminded ... live in the present, walking closely with Jesus, with thankful hearts. And leave our tomorrows to Him.

Some of my thank-you's, written to Him daily, as I lived each day ... Thank You, Lord, for:

296 - a relaxing day spent with our daughter and family in Dallas ... all day at home with them (Monday), being part of their everyday living. Such a treat, as we only get to be here once during the year ... but always, close in heart. 

297 - little Brianna sitting at the table doing pre-school with her mom ... counting to 100, singing the alphabet song, learning the days of the week, etc. ... all with her little doll sitting close by, the one we gave her when she was born.  

298 - opportunity to help Crystal get started on a new embroidery project ... she is the sweetest 12 year-old granddaughter you could wish for.

299 -time of showing our grandkids some of their mom's papers from her grade school years ... and then seeing Abigail and Crystal pull out some of their papers from grade school. So many memories wrapped up in some of those school papers, especially the writing assignments ...

300 - my husband driving back to the house at 10 pm after spending time with some other SV staff visiting a Bible Study led by a student at Plano High School ... so thankful to be here to get a glimpse of what God is doing through SV in the Dallas area.

301 - a special day out with Cristy, Crystal, and Brianna ... so very fun to go to an accessory store together (packed full of purses, bags, and jewelry) ...

302 - a special meal out together afterwards at la Madeleine's ... loved this time together. (And we missed having Abigail with us, too.)

303 - that evening, a concert by Luke's 3rd grade choir ... a huge treat to be here in Dallas to go to it!

304 - the fun of going to Sprouts with Cristy, where she goes weekly for groceries ... love walking with her through her daily living in Texas. Also loved a visit that evening with Cristy to a little specialty coffee and gift shop while the kids were at their church activities.

305 - for all Your blessings of the past five days ... more than can be listed here. We were so blessed to be with our daughter & family for five days ... on special outings together, and also, such a gift to be part of their daily routines and daily activities. I loved this glimpse into their lives and hearts as they live 12 hours away from us, in Dallas. Thank You, Lord ...

306 - for safety as we drove home on Thursday ... from 9 am to 9 pm!

307 - a wonderful phone call as we were driving through Oklahoma ... from our youngest son, on a big company fish processing vessel in Dutch Harbor that day.

308 - for protecting Brianna later, on the day we left, when she suffered from a fall outdoors and had to be x-rayed for a possible broken ankle. 

309 - Your love that is constant through all the tragedies we experience ... please be with all those whose lives are devastated from the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, my childhood home. My heart breaks for them ... and the tears come.

310 - and thank You that there was not a threat in Dutch Harbor (Aleutian Islands), or the Bering Sea, where our son is for the past few months.

311 - helping give wisdom about a website problem ... and having it fixed after nine months of not working properly.

312 - the rental You have provided for Sara & Sean & boys while their brand new house is being built ... and for the opportunity to help out today by taking care of Jake & Cole for 6 hours while they finished up moving the last things from the previous house.

313 - for staff gathering here at our house this morning, sharing our lives, and praying ... many prayers for the people of Japan. Thank You that You are our Rock, unshakable, always faithful, and always with us.

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  1. A beautiful list of good family times and glorifying the Lord. Enjoyed reading them all:)

  2. Such a wonderful list! So full of special blessings. What a sweetie doing her school work with her doll beside her. Glad to hear you son is in a safe area. Praying for Japan with you!

  3. You are right...grandkids are the best! Love your gratitude list! Thanks for coming by my place and for your kind comments!
    Hurting for Japan and agreeing in prayer with you.

  4. Yes, at some point I thought of you and your childhood Japan...I think of our friend who was to be there for a MK to MK conference but didn't go for other reasons...and of these people...

    And I love your sharing life with your grandkids:) how sweet to just drink in this is precious to be together when it is rare and you live apart:)