Thursday, March 31, 2011

His Quiet Whisper

"Be still in My Presence ... Nothing is as important as spending time with Me. 
While you wait in My Presence, I do My best work within you; 
transforming you by renewing your mind."
(Jesus Calling)

This little wall hanging that I found about a year ago says it perfectly ... in this noisy, fast-paced world, we need to slow down, and quiet our hearts so that we can more clearly. hear. the whispers. of God. Our great Creator God can speak His Truth to us anywhere ... in the midst of a crowd, by a roaring waterfall, as our mind and mouth are working fast and loud. But often, He speaks most clearly in the quiet ... when we have purposefully turned down the noise around us.

It is here, in the Quiet Moments, with His Words open before us, when we set our gaze purposefully on Him ... wanting desperately to listen and hear ... that He speaks His most treasured words to us. 

I have come to crave this time ... it is my source of strength.  He is my source of strength, and it is in these quiet moments that I hear His Words, and I receive His Peace. For is it here that I meet Him.

"Do not seek Me primarily for what I can give you. 
Remember that I, the Giver, am infinitely greater 
than any gift I might impart to You ... 
As you wait in My Presence, enjoy the greatest gift of all: 
Christ in you, the hope of Glory!" 
(Jesus Calling)

For me, this meeting time, this connecting time with My Maker, takes on the form of words. Words read, words rolled over and over in my mind, and then words recorded. Sometimes written down directly in my journal, sometimes typed on my laptop and later printed out, to add to my journal ... but always, words written down. His Words, my words ... my words of praise, words of confusion, cries for help. Writing makes it personal, and brings an intimate connection ... connecting His heart to mine, and mine to His.

In the busy season of life that my husband and I are in now (21 in our family, with grown children, sons-in-law, and 9 grandkids! ... and also in ministry full-time to high school students) there are so many things to pull for our time ... But, in these "empty nest" years, Quiet Moments are easier to be found. In the mornings, throughout the day, on trips. They can be found in my "corner room" (where I have my scrapbooking/card making supplies), or downstairs in our family room by the wood stove on cold winter days, in the living room, outdoors on the patio in summertime, out on a garden bench by our container garden, during a walk through town, or even in the car while traveling. And most always, my journal is in hand ... waiting for words of connection.

It was more difficult to find the time and place for this Quiet Meeting in days when our home was filled with children (six in all!), but maybe having a houseful of children taught me how desperately I need Him. And learning more of my need of Him, I learned to make room for quiet ... often while children napped, or longer times as my dear husband covered for me one evening a week, giving me several hours of uninterrupted time in a quiet room in our home ... time to plan and organize for our home and family, and longer times purposefully listening and connecting with God. 

And through trials and hard times, I have come to long for, and to cling to these times of deep connection with God even more. He is who we long for, He has what we need ... and He never changes; He is always waiting to give of Himself. He is always waiting to meet with us. 

Thank You, loving Lord, for Your amazing, never-ending Strength, Love, Peace, Joy ... all a gift ... and freely given in Quiet Moments, and carried with us by Your Spirit within, always available.

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  1. This is encouraging to me, Cherry. I have one year left before I am an empty nester and I'm already wondering what my time will look like. You are inspiring me.

  2. This is a beautiful and encouraging--for every season. Thank you.

  3. so needed this today... thank you soooo much!!!!!

  4. I'm right there with you on the need for Quiet Moments. You described it beautifully. I'm enjoying Jesus Calling too!

  5. Thanks for including the words from Jesus Calling. I started it months ago and it got set aside with injury, illness, and chaos taking center stage. I think this was the nudge I needed to get back to it.