Sunday, March 13, 2011

Handmade Cards

With our big family (21 of us now!) ... there are always birthdays and special days to celebrate. And when I have the time, I enjoy making handmade cards. A handmade card adds a special touch and saves some dollars. It actually takes an effort on my part to take the time to make cards ... but it always ends up being a relaxing thing for me. Is it because God, who is Creator, built in us the desire to create?

Here are a few that I have made since Christmas ...

For grandson, Luke ... he turned 9 on New Year's Eve.

Another grandson, Cruz, had his second birthday Jan. 8th.

And the inside of the card for Cruz ...

Sweet daughter, Sara, had a birthday Feb. 2nd, and we celebrated later in the month ...

Two sons-in-law, Joe and Tyler, have March birthdays ... they each got a card like this one.

Nothing fancy, and I am still learning ... but am enjoying making these. And mostly, I am thankful for each one in our family ... so blessed to have six grown children, four sons-in-law, and nine sweet grandkids. Lots of birthdays to celebrate each year!

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  1. These cards are beautiful! I especially like the one for Sara ... such pretty colors and elements. And I appreciate the card design for your sons-in-law; I am always challenged when making cards for men, because most of the pattern papers are flowery.