Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekly Menu Plan ~ Jan. 3-9

A New Year, and always ... I love to get new ideas for every day menus, and also for special holiday and event meals. It is hard for me to resist picking up the new colorful magazines I see, especially those from Taste of Home, and especially when I find them for 30% off at Sam's. 

I'll have fun looking through these three recent purchases in the weeks ahead, and picking out some new recipes to try for some of our special meals in the coming year. I bought the "foodgifts" magazine before Christmas, thinking that I would use some ideas from it, but, I never had the time to look at it. Maybe if I start early in the year, I'll be able to collect some ideas to use next Christmas, and also on other occasions when I want to give a gift of food ...

My menu plan for this week is quite simple ... we're still going a bit slower after the busy, holiday season. And, with just the two of us here at home most days, one menu gets stretched into several meals.

Mon. - Cheesy Potato Soup (will be making a big pot of this soup, and will have it to use for several lunches throughout the week)

Tues. - Chicken Enchiladas (from a recent freezer meal day with my daughters) ... thanks, Carrie!

Wed. - Tacoritos (a new recipe I want to try)

Thurs. - Meal Out at Hartford's!


Sat. - Meal Out at Carrie & Tyler's (celebrating Cruz's 2nd birthday!) ... will be taking a dish to add to the meal.

Sun. - Teriyaki Pork Roast (another new recipe)

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  1. Visiting from MPM :) Are magazines really 30% off at Sam's? I'll have to remember that awsome tip!