Sunday, January 9, 2011

His Word to Heart

The beginning of a New Year ... always a good time to focus on and start new projects, new habits. Memorizing some verses last year, including a few longer sections of verses, was such an encouragement to me. I found that the actual practice of the memorizing was what was the most beneficial ... going over and over the words in my mind throughout the day. It was more difficult to retain them long term ... but even if I was not completely successful with that part, the day-by-day practice of thinking on the words was worth it. 

I was wondering (and praying) what I should memorize this year, and right at that time, one of my favorite bloggers shared a plan, complete with a free download ... to memorize the Book of Colossians in a year. Two verses a week throughout the year, and the entire book will be memorized by the end of the year!

I am so grateful to Ann Voskamp for setting this up, and for sharing it with all of her readers. The download is available to those who wish to use it. I printed it out last week, and then spent some time today making a cover, and putting it in the form that I wish to use.

A few additional amazing blessings for me ... my husband chose to take this on as his memorization project, as well (with his verses set up in a different form than mine ... no ribbons and flowers!), so we will be doing this together! And then this morning, another amazing thing ... we heard from our pastor that he is going to be teaching a new series for the first 4 to 5 months of this New Year 2011. And his series ... the Book of Colossians!

A special gift from God ... opportunity to focus on the Book of Colossians this year.

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  1. Cherry what a wonderful way to take time and remember His Word.

    Thank you for looks so perfect!