Friday, January 21, 2011

Paper Piles

A bit different than my usual posts, but part of my life ...  a post showing the continual need for organizing all the papers, etc., that come into our home. I try to keep up with the constant paper piles, but over the busy holiday season, I let some piles accumulate more than usual. There were some piles on our corner desk (the center for keeping track of mail and financial bookkeeping for our home) that needed attention this week, and I decided that it was time to re-organize that area. These were the envelopes of items that were important enough to keep; the rest had been thrown away as they came in the mail.

With the use of piano bench moved next to the desk, I removed the piles, and began ...

I already had been using the small filing system that fits so well on the desk, but decided to add labels. Some of the labels: Receipts - Record (always recording all of our expenses into our budget system), Bills (always bills to pay), Medical Bills (important to keep track of which ones are legitimate and which ones are still needing to go through insurance ... I have learned, and have saved many dollars by always checking before I pay), BCBS (forms from our insurance used to compare to the bills).

The basket to the left has various sections where I put paper items, as well.  A few of the sections: "To Put Away", "To Do", "Family Info" (easy to grab quickly, such as emergency info for grandkids).

Organizing is fun for me ... a very good feeling to get this done.  


  1. Looks nice! The labels makes it work nicely. I like you cute snowmen!

  2. I really like the files. I think fact that the papers aren't totally hidden means they won't be forgotten. I have to organize all our papers sometime soon!

  3. Cherri, I did the same thing this past week. It makes for a very efficient space ~ yours is very nice :)