Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekly Menu Plan ~ Jan. 26-30

Jumping in a bit late this week with a menu plan ... but there are still 5 days left to plan for, so not too late!

The week started out with a sudden change in plans, as we found out at 8 am Monday morning that we would be hosting the weekly staff prayer time at our house ... starting at 9:30 am that day. (There was flu in the scheduled home, thus the switch.)

Always nice to have some little goodies to serve along with the hot drink ... and so thankful for the Pumpkin Bars and Apricot Cranberry Bread that I had in the freezer, left from holiday baking days! I don't always have things in the freezer ready for last-minute guests, but very fun when I do. Something I like to do ... and I am reminded on an occasion like this to take time to stock up.

Menu for the five days left of this week:

Wed. - Crunchy Onion Barbecue Chicken (a new recipe to try)

Thurs. - a night out

Fri. - Chicago-Style Pan Pizza (another new one)

Sat. - a breakfast menu / my wonderful husband always makes the meal Saturday evenings, usually a breakfast dish such as pancakes, etc.

Sun. - Meatloaf
           Potato Casserole (new recipe / am in the mood for some new ones this week!)

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  1. This week was bad for me for planning...your display of goodies looks delicious. I pray that you had a good prayer meeting :)


  2. as soon as i saw the picture, and knew it was a sudden change...that you had them in the freezer!

    did i tell you my clearest New Year's resolution is to's like the joy I've always had...i've been choosing the more practical...but i love to bake so. do. it!