Thursday, November 18, 2010

Prep for Freezer Meal Day

The week before Thanksgiving, and a week before Christmas prep starts up in full swing ... and three of my daughters and I are preparing for a Freezer Meal Day together here at our house this weekend.

For this first (of many, hopefully) official Freezer Meal Days together, we are each bringing the recipe and ingredients for one main dish (except I am choosing to provide two, as the mom and grama) ... and multiplying the 5 recipes by 4 (one for each of us), we will hopefully prepare 20 meals in one afternoon.

We could probably do more than that, but also in the house will be three one-year-old boys (Cruz, Jake, and Cole), a three-year-old girl (Ali), and an eight-year-old boy (Levi)! I am greatly looking forward to this day with Amy, Sara, Carrie, and five of our nine sweet grandkids. And I know that Cristy would love to be here, too, if she didn't live a 12-hour drive away in Texas ... we'll miss you, Cristy!

Sounds wonderful to spend time with daughters and grandkids ... and it will be wonderful to have 5 ready-made meals for the days and weeks ahead ... one meal already made for each of the five weeks left before Christmas ...

So thankful for daughters living close by so we can do this together ... and for my dear husband who volunteered to help out part of the time with the little ones ... and for the bountiful blessings of food.


  1. I forgot to tell you that I really like your picture at the top and new look here:)

    I'm happy you will have such a day this does sound like a little taste of Heaven:)