Thursday, November 11, 2010

Four Books

Four books made their way off my bookshelf recently when one of our daughters asked for some of my favorite books on mothering (click here to read a recent post). And since then, others have also asked for the names of these books.

As a result, I have felt God nudging me to share from my memories as a mom of young children, from things learned, from things experienced. Just sharing from books, from my heart ... hoping to encourage, and pass on to others.

Will be an interesting and fun journey ... and maybe even a tear-filled, emotional journey. Mothering is one of the most precious gifts from God ... I have loved mothering our six children. And now in this "empty nest" phase of life, which I absolutely love, as well ... I want to reflect on and celebrate this most wonderful gift from God, mothering.

For now, I will share the names of these first four books. And in the future, sprinkled in with posts about things God is teaching me now, look for more postings about mothering.

Four of the many books that influenced and encouraged me as a young mom:

A Mother's Touch - by Elise Arndt
(practical ideas on how to love our young children)

Creative Counterpart - by Linda Dillow
(dealing mainly with the marriage relationship, and also so helpful in setting up priorities as a wife and mom)

How to Develop Your Child's Temperament - by Beverly LaHaye
(very practical insight into understanding our children, each one an individual and each one with different needs)

A Mother's Heart - by Jean Fleming
(excellent insight into developing character and building into our children spiritually)


  1. thank you surrogate mama that I talk to through are such a blessing!!

  2. Great book recommendations! A Mother's Heart is probably my favorite mothering book....soooo good. Love you mom! -cristy

  3. Thank you for this post, Mom! I am excited to get started on some of these books. Thanks for letting me borrow one!