Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Basket of Thanks

Memories of past Thanksgiving Days ... years when our grown children were young, at home. My mother heart treasuring memories of little ones, of family times, of thankful hearts. Of writing out our thanks ... to God, to each other, at Thanks-giving time.

We'll set this basket of memories out as our family gathers together later this week ... celebrating together at our Family Thanksgiving this Sunday. And we will remember ... and thank God, again, for so many blessings.


  1. I love seeing these, Mom! Such wonderful memories. A few of those notes made me laugh, reading bits of them in the photos. I look forward to reading more on Sunday! Such a great tradition - I look forward to doing that with my boys when they are a bit older.

  2. i love that you have kept these, mom! such good memories. thanks for having us do that every year...i hope to have my children do this tradition as well.

  3. So fun to see these! And we still carry on the tradition in our home...this year we had a Thankful Tree on which we hung leaves we had cut out and written on. Great memories...

    Love, Cristy