Monday, November 15, 2010

A Week of Thanks

So thankful for the blessings of this past week, for lessons learned, for memories made - a collection of happenings and things to be thankful for ...

For the beautiful barberry bushes in our yard, and for the colors of fall  ...

For time spent with 22 month-old Cruz early in the week ... he had a cough, and he needed to stay with "grama" for the day while our daughter went into work ...

For our new "playroom" that we are fixing up in the basement ... it used to be a bedroom for several daughters, then was divided into two smaller rooms so more kids could have their own room ... then turned back into one big room for sons to each use for their last few years at home ... and, now, in our "empty nest" years, we are fixing it up for grandkids! Cruz loved playing in the room this week ...      

For time to connect with Carrie when she came to pick up Cruz ... I love to see our daughters so happy mothering their little ones, such a blessing! And fun to talk together about mothering things ...

For our living close enough to my 89 year-old father (25 minute drive), that we can help out when needed ... went with him to an appointment to get new hearing aids this week.

For changes that I had to make in my plans several days this week ... sometimes being torn away from our "tasks" and our "to do" lists help remind us of the things that are most important.

For more opportunities to serve family ... one day later in the week I helped Sara by picking up a prescription and also groceries for their family, as three out of four in the family were sick ... and that same day I was needed to pick up something from the pharmacy, as well as the grocery store, for my father, who was suffering from a cold. So sad when loved ones don't feel well ... and thankful to be able to help out.

For how excited our little one year-old grandsons were, happy to see their "grama" ... fills me to overflowing.

For the honor our 8 year-old grandson, Levi, received when he was presented with "Pioneer Pride" award ... he was picked as one of two from his second grade class to receive this award honoring those students who are an example of character and leadership. Very fun to go along with Amy to see the little ceremony.

For phone calls and text messages from my dear husband ... gone for three days to some SV meetings in Houston.

For his safe return on Friday evening, in the midst of our first snowstorm of the season ... and thankful that I made it safely to the airport to pick him up, on unplowed highway, driving 25-35 miles per hour.

For a start on Christmas planning ... lots to do these next six weeks to prepare for our Family Christmas with 21+ people here!

For the truth from a very familiar verse that just grabbed my heart one day ... "For God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son ... " (John 3:16 NLT) Sometimes I can be overwhelmed by all the serving that comes to us as moms and grama's. So thankful for this reminder that my focus is always to be ... on the loving. Not on the "doing" and the busyness, but on the loving. Mothering is all about loving. 

For a cozy evening with my husband home, and the wood stove warming up the house ... the 4 inches of snow on Friday made for a "snow day" feeling on Saturday.  Beautiful day ... a mix of fall and winter.

For finally being able to figure out how to put a photo in the header at the top of this blog ... so much to learn, and a good feeling when progress is made.

For a long phone call from Cristy (in Texas) on Sunday ... so good to get caught up with life in Texas with our daughter and her husband, and our four sweet grandkids.

Thank You, Lord, for all these things, and more ...

(One Thousand Gifts #15-30)


  1. Wow, you are really blessed! I found your blog from Ann's blog. I'm a part of this community as well.

  2. I loved reading these so great to 'see' you with your family...they are so blessed to have you and you them...embracing the moments with you:)