Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In the Classroom of Prayer

All of life is a classroom, and each season of life takes us to different types of classrooms. When I was a young mom, with little children all around me, there was so much to learn. So much to learn about giving up of self, of serving others. As the seasons changed, and the children grew, there were many more lessons, more complicated lessons, to be learned. For, as we parent and teach our children, God parents and teaches us.

And, now, in our "empty nest" stage of life, I am continuing on, listening, and wanting to be taught. Some of the lessons to be learned come easily, and others come with great sacrifice. But all result in experiencing more of what we are crafted for ... to reflect God to those around us in this needy world.

One of the classrooms that I am finding myself enrolled in at this time is ... the classroom of intercessory prayer. I thought that I had progressed enough already in this subject ... but God is opening up my eyes to realize that I know so little.

What does it really look like to be an intercessor, to take of my time, from my days, to pray for my loved ones, those in our circle of influence, and for the needs of our world?

In the quiet of this classroom, I am being taught to give of myself, to serve and love others, through intercessory prayer.  It is not an easy course ... but I am wanting to be taught more.

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  1. so heartfelt...and you have a wonderful, teachable spirit like my husband...I, on the other hand, well, we won't go there!

    thanks for your comment too on "and i don't want to forget these tears" i am so sad and did not know about this teacher. how hard for you all...praying...and for many gospel opportunities. hugs