Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September in Review

Taking time to remember what took place on my blog this past month; also, a reflection of what has been on my heart this month. I love September! It's the month that opens the door to fall, one of my favorite seasons ... and also, the month of my birthday. 

Click on the caption below each photo to read the posts that I wrote this month. I am grateful for the time that I had to write; several posts each week, except for the third week of the month when we were out-of-town for a vacation trip to Chicago.

Welcome September

It seemed that my thoughts kept going to prayer this past month, a desire to learn and grow deeper in prayer. It is easy for me to pray for the immediate, everyday concerns, but it is harder for me to persevere in fervent prayer for others, to be faithful in intercessory prayer. And I was reminded over and over again during this past month how important and critical it is to pray, to faithfully and fervently pray for others. There is always so much to learn about prayer. There were two posts that I wrote on prayer ...

The Door to Prayer

A Listening Heart

Towards the end of the month, my thoughts were drawn to focus on God's love in deeper ways than before. His love is beyond understanding fully, yet there is always more to learn. It was sweet to be able to write a post on my actual birthday, focusing on this Love ...

Count the Ways

It's always fun where there's time to put up a food-related post ... there were three this past month: two recipe posts, and one "In the Kitchen" post.

Amish Breakfast Casserole

Club Sandwiches

In the Kitchen

I've been keeping up fairly well with digital scrapbooking this calendar year - a fun hobby for me. In September I shared two posts with some of my pages ...

Thankful for Grandkids

Trip to Chicago

Thanks for visiting, and reading some (or all) of my posts this month! There are so many, many blogs to visit - and I am honored that you would come and visit here. It is a special calling for me from God to write and share here in these "empty nest" (but full life!) years, and it gives me a lot of joy ...

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