Tuesday, September 29, 2015

In the Kitchen

Another month will soon be past, and here's a fun little post with a peak into my kitchen to see a few things that have been going on during the month.

You can't miss something new and shiny in my kitchen this month! I haven't had a good-size stock pot for awhile, as my previous one wore out from so much use. It was time for a new one, and isn't this a beauty? 

I think I'll keep it set out on the stove for awhile just to look at! But it will also be put to good use this fall and winter when I cook up some pots of soup, and also prepare some dishes for the holidays with family home. (It was a gift from my sweet hubby - he bought it for me after I spotted it in the big window of a fun store - Crate & Barrel - as we were walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago last week.)

We enjoyed a special, comforting meal yesterday, one that I have not made for quite awhile. It seemed the right choice yesterday for a quiet evening meal at home on my birthday! (We had a special bday meal out the day before, and had a relaxing day at home on my actual birthday. Both days were pretty special!)

It was fun to serve the meatloaf and baked potato meal on two plates that I had picked up at the same store in Chicago ... two plates for the two of us, and also to use as special serving platters for the upcoming holidays.

We enjoyed having some of our family home earlier in the month. It was a gorgeous day outdoors, and I chose to serve Cheesy Chicken Subs for the main dish. I hadn't prepared that dish for awhile, and it was perfect to serve (with corn-on-the-cob, chips, and watermelon) out on the patio.

What has been happening in your kitchen this past month?

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