Monday, February 2, 2015

A Month to Love, and to Be Loved

February ... the month of LOVE.

A month to give LOVE, and maybe it could be a month we let ourselves BE LOVED in new and deeper ways. Sometimes it's easier to give love then to rest in love. To just relax, to pause from our busy, hurried lives ... and to be loved deeply. 

Taking time for rest, for spiritual whitespace, for giving our hearts, souls, and minds time to breathe. Taking time to be loved deeply by our Creator. Taking time to just be ourselves, just as He created us. For we are a fragrance of His love, in our own unique ways, to those around us. And in order to love, we need to first be loved.

We love each other
because He loved us first.
(I John 4:19)

This month (and each month) - pausing, and soaking in the deep love of God ... and then spreading this love to others through the fragrance of our lives.

Taking time to soak up His Words, taking time to rest, and to be loved. And sometimes we need some new, fresh ideas - some encouragement to slow down, and to be loved. Click here to download some fresh ideas of savoring rest - a free download from Bonnie Gray, "Shots of Spiritual Whitespace".

* * * * * * *

I am in need of rest, and I need to pause and soak up His love in deeper ways during this month of love. These past three months have been overwhelmingly busy as we have cared for my 93 year-old father through a very traumatic time for him. And we will also be traveling in the near future to be a support and help to our family at the time of our granddaughter's kidney transplant. So thankful for some time to rest and soak up love as this month begins.

How about you?
Are you in need of an
extra measure of love this month?


  1. Hi Cherry! I'm always blessed through your writing (& friendship & mentorship). : ) We are praying for your father and your granddaughter (and also your daughter Amy). David and I often give a lot and we love giving, and sometimes resting and receiving doesn't come as easy. One way that I've been experiencing God's love in a deeper way is learning to hear His voice ~ not only through His Word (the Bible) but His Holy Spirit. I've been "trying" to sit in silence and hear His voice before I open the bible in the morning, and often He confirms what He says, to give me confirmation that I heard His voice. For example on Saturday, I heard from God personally "Stand Firm" and heard that good things are around the corner. Then, I opened my bible reading and part of it was "Stand firm..." (and it was right before God did something awesome). It brought me to tears, knowing how much God loves me and that He longs to speak to me. Blessings to you and your family!

    1. Thanks, Amber - you are so sweet! Thanks for your prayers, and for your encouraging words - they mean a lot to me. And yes, we do need reminders to rest, and to receive His love, don't we? Especially as we are so focused on giving love; we need to first receive love. Thanks again for your visit and for your thoughtful, encouraging words!

  2. Praying for moments of real rest, Cherry, as you serve your family so well.


    1. Thanks, Glenda - for your prayers, and for your thoughtful visit.