Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Sweet Fragrance of Comfort

Now He uses us to spread
the knowledge of Christ everywhere,
like a sweet perfume.
Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance
rising up to God.
(II Cor. 14b-15a NLT)

These beautiful words grab my attention - our lives ... a Christ-like fragrance.

Not just our words, or our actions - but our lives. The stories of our lives. Our unique lives surrendered to Him.

Not our picture-perfect lives, but our lives that are filled with His fingerprints in the midst of weaknesses and trials. Filled with all the ways He has rescued us, comforted us, and been strong for us when we are weak.

It's not that we ourselves are a sweet fragrance. For on our own, left to ourselves, we are empty, void of hope, of love. But when we are filled up with His love, we become a fragrance - a sweet life-giving fragrance.

But is it not true that to be filled up we first need to be emptied? To be comforted and captivated by His love and mercy, we must be in need.

God is our merciful Father
and the source of all comfort.
He comforts us in all our troubles
so that we can comfort others.
When they are troubled,
we will be able to give them 
the same comfort God has given us.
(II Cor. 1:3-4)

Let's be free to share the stories of our need, and of how God has comforted us. Of how He rescues us from ourselves, how He comforts us when we go through trials, and how He is strong in our weaknesses. So that we, in turn, can be a fragrance of Christ, comforting and encouraging others in their times of need.

Lord, help me to learn to more freely open up my heart, open up the stories You have written in my life. Help me to share from my places of need and heartache, of all the ways You have comforted me. Of how You continue to pour out Your love, mercy, and comfort - filling me up to be a sweet fragrance of You. Using me to comfort others with the same comfort that I have received from You.

And I pray the same for you,
with the stories He is writing with your life ...
that you will be a beautiful fragrance for Him.

I will be opening up my heart and sharing from my place of need as our family enters into the trial of kidney transplant for our dear granddaughter. We have actually been in the midst of several trials in recent weeks/months, and I have found myself often in need of comfort. And as we enter the time of kidney transplant, I will, as grama and mother, also be extending comfort to our family. In need of comfort, and then extending comfort from what we have ourselves received. (Click here to read more of our granddaughter's kidney transplant, and also of a recent very difficult time in caring for my father.)

Is it really possible to "count it pure joy" when we face trials? How we want peace and joy, but we don't want trials. But what if trials are the avenue to experience true peace, joy ... and comfort? Receiving comfort in our times of deepest need, so that, in turn, we may pass on comfort to others. So that we may be a fragrance of His comfort.

My Peace is the treasure of treasures ...
it is an exquisitely costly gift,
both for the Giver and the receiver.
I purchased this Peace for you with My blood.
You receive this gift by trusting Me
in the midst of life's storms.
Thank Me when things do not go your way,
because spiritual blessings
come wrapped in trials.
(Jesus Calling)


Yes, Lord, I will look for spiritual blessings  
wrapped up in the trials we are in. 
And I will be comforted, and I will receive Peace. 
And You will shape us into a fragrance of You.


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  1. This post is very encouraging & comforting to me Cherry, as we all have trials! I'm learning that God is faithful & I can always trust Him, even though I may not understand why He allows some things to happen. Thank you for sharing this. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

    1. Thanks, Cynthia - and it blesses me that this was encouraging and comforting to you. So thankful for Jesus to walk with us through trials.

  2. Cherry, your words are beautiful and go straight to the heart! Popping over from beloved brews and so glad to have found you as a neighbor. One of things I learned as my husband and I faced one of the greatest trials of our lives was that if we turned just a little bit and faced Jesus...well, that just made all the difference and His presence gave us great joy and peace. I love your voice and pray God's richest blessings to overflow in your life so you can share out of the abundance and overflow.

    1. Thanks for your visit, Jeannie! I especially like the way you worded this ... "if we turned just a little bit and faced Jesus ...". That really is key, isn't it ... just pausing, and turning, even if just a bit, to Jesus. Love this - thank you!

  3. Ah the fragrance of Christ! How sometimes it is just a faint hint of a smell that captures our attention and draws us back to His side! Praying for you and your whole family as you enter in to this season of healing. We want the joys without the journey sometimes, don't we? But it is when we are hard pressed that the fragrance is released all around us! Praying for peace and comfort, for healing and hope! We are neighbors over at sweet Holley's today and I am so glad that I stopped by!

    1. Thanks, Karrilee, for your encouraging words. I loved this ... "But it is when we are hard pressed that the fragrance is released all around us!" So true!