Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Light in Darkness

It seems that every day the news brings more tales of darkness. Of really dark darkness. Of horrible, heart-breaking darkness. Of the 21 Egyptian Christians who were recently killed. Of even children losing their lives in such cruel ways. 

And our hearts are broken. And as followers of Jesus, our hearts are stirred to pray, and to be faithful. We are stirred to be courageous and strong, by His grace and mercy.

For we are not without hope. We see before our very eyes that efforts to extinguish The Light will never succeed. All through the ages, persecution has only caused the Light to burn brighter. And this is true even today, as we see this happening in our own hearts, and in the hearts of others all around the world. We keep our eyes on Jesus, the Creator and the One who is Light and Truth, and who gave His life so that we can have real un-ending Life now and for eternity.

Thanking God for Light, and Life, and for His Love in the midst of darkness. And praying for those in our families, our neighborhoods, and our world - that they will come to know this Giver of Light and Life, Jesus. 

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