Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Focused Remembering and a Deeper Surrendering

Today marks the beginning of an annual time of remembering. Though we as followers of Jesus read His Words, and remember why He came, maybe we need to set aside a focused time to remember in deeper ways than before.

Maybe in the busyness of our lives, and in the caring for our everyday needs, we tend to forget. And just as Jesus came with a focused determination, setting His face towards the Cross - maybe we need to be reminded to purposefully set our faces towards Him. 

Maybe these 40 days and 7 Sundays leading up to Easter can be days of purposely remembering, intentionally setting our faces towards Him. Remembering the Cross, why He came, and responding in surrender, pursuing Him with everything that we are.

Jesus resolutely set His face towards the Cross.

How can I set my face towards Him,
pursuing Him as my first priority, 
my First Love, my ultimate goal?

Lord, help me to fix my gaze on You in deeper ways than before - 
Remembering why You came, why You went to the Cross ... 
And may I respond in deeper ways than before - 
Surrendering, and wholeheartedly following You.

- - - - - - - - - -

Last year during this season leading up to Easter, I read through the book Fifty Reasons Jesus Came to Die - click here. This year I am planning to go through "Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross", the current reading plan (starting today) with She Reads Truth. (Also available on She Reads Truth App.) And there are others, one by Ann Voskamp - click here. Whatever we choose to use - immersing ourselves in His Words, focusing our hearts on Him, repenting anew, and surrendering.

How do you set your face towards Him this season?

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