Monday, June 30, 2014

Remembering and Refreshing

It's always good to pause, and to remember. I'm one who loves to capture memories, and hold them close. To be thankful for God's gifts to us. And a new month, a new season, and even opening up a new journal to use, fills me with joy. It's a new beginning, a time to be refreshed in what is most important.

I will remember June ...

A month filled with family events, some captured through digital scrapbooking and shared in a few posts ...

Our oldest granddaughter's Senior Recital and Graduation from High School! (click here) We were so blessed to be able to travel to TX to celebrate together with Abigail!

In between the two weekends of graduation celebrations in TX, we were blessed to spend five days, just the two of us, relaxing and being refreshed at a beautiful state park.
(click here)

And later in the month of June - a very significant day ... my sweet hubby's 70th birthday! No one can believe he turned 70, as he looks and acts much younger - so thankful for him, and love him so much!
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My posting here was a bit less than usual in June, as the month was filled with so many special events. And also, there was a bit less posting as I needed to pause in the midst of the very busy spring season that we had. There was no time to post any recipes, something which is fun for me to do here. But ... there was time to write a few devotional posts, my very favorite thing to do.

I am sensing a need these weeks to focus more intently again on listening - pausing from the busyness of life, and taking time to really listen. To His Words, to those I love ... to listen, and to learn from Him, and to hear the hearts of those I love.
(Click here, and also read of an amazing book that a blogger-friend has just recently written.)

We can listen to God even amidst the busy days, filled with activity and noise, but also - we need times where we go slower, and pause, opening up our hearts to really listen completely.
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It's always good to be reminded of the source of all that we long for, and the importance of listening well to His Words. God has called my heart, again, to the great truths from the first chapter of Psalms. (click here)

And I look forward to July ...

So, another month comes to a close ... and the door will open soon to a brand new month. It will be another one that is filled with family events ... a special weekend celebrating my hubby's 70th birthday as a family, a weekend of caring for two grandkids while their parents are away, and also much preparation for five days when my three brothers will be visiting with their families the very beginning of August. In the midst of family, Cru ministry, and the daily responsibilities of life, I will be here, sharing as God's opens up time for me to do so ... thanks for your visits!

What are some of your highlights from the month of June?

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