Thursday, June 5, 2014

Time for Spiritual Whitespace

Whitespace gives margin, gives space to breathe, replenishes our hurried, busy minds, hearts, and souls with ... rest.

I have been in need of rest. The month of May (my favorite time of year), was exceptionally full this year. Filled up with a wide variety of events, and happenings. Each day. Our weekly "Devo Outings" (started during our Sabbatical two summers ago) were put aside, Date Nights and restful Sunday afternoons were given up for graduation parties and other events. And all these events and happenings were good things ... 

Perhaps you experienced the same, for life is full and time rushes by. We can fill up all the hours and minutes of each day. And there are seasons when we must do so continually, especially as moms, as we care for the ones God has entrusted to us. And God gives us the strength we need each day.

But we must remember, also, that we are made in God's image ... made for times of rest. And I am thankful for His reminders. Reminders to pause and create space, giving my soul the freedom to breathe. Reminders to focus on the listening, instead of the doing. How easy it is to move into auto-pilot, and put our first and best efforts into the doing. Instead of in the being. And I am finding myself in need. Of Him. Following His gentle promptings, answering His call to slow. To make room for whitespace. 

Oh, how I love God's constant provision for our needs. Even a month ago I did not know that we would be blessed with five days of vacation in early June ... nestled in between two amazing and wonderful weekends of celebrating the high school graduation of our oldest granddaughter. (How can time go by so quickly?) And also, I did not know even a month ago that a book I have been looking forward to reading would be released just in time to purchase before our little cabin getaway. Finding Spiritual Whitespace - written by blogger-friend, Bonnie Gray - the perfect companion to helping us find rest for our souls as we create space to listen and be refreshed by Him.

Whether on a special getaway, or in the midst of our daily life ... God hears our heart's cry for Him. A cry for Him to fill up our empty places - the places where we are broken and hurting. Coming to Him with open hands and heart, surrendering to His brush marks as He creates a beautiful masterpiece.

Lord, may our busyness never take us from our deepest need ... may we make space for You. To be filled up with You. Whether in the midst of days filled with endless tasks, or during lazy days amidst summer ... may we hold up listening ears, and open hands and hearts. To You. Always.

Finding Spiritual Whitespace

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