Monday, June 30, 2014

Capturing the Memories - My Hubby Turning 70!

May and June have been a bit slower for me with posting here on my blog. Maybe it is because I have been needing to pause in the busyness of life, catch my breath, and also, to focus even more intently on those I love the most. 

The 23rd of June was one of those very special days when life slowed, and my sweet hubby I took the day to celebrate, and to thank God for 70 years! We could hardly believe that the day had come, as "70" sounds so, well, old. And we don't yet believe that we can be in that season of life. But the years keep going by, faster and faster, and here we are ... my hubby is 70! (And I will be soon, as well, in five short years from now.)

We were blessed beyond measure to spend the day together, just the two of us ... with a family celebration to come later. These photos (in digital scrapbook form) are an attempt to capture our beautiful and relaxing day together ... it was truly a gift from God to pull aside from our daily life and celebrate his bday in this way.

(Credit for digital scrapbook supplies: Page Template: DS-tem08-12x12-2a; Paper: Digital Scrapper June 2014 Premier,  Scrap Girls ABR_CreasedNCrinkled.)

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