Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Taste and See

It is true, that we need to taste in order to experience. A beautifully laden table, full of the choicest of foods is pleasing to the eye, but it calls for us to pick up and taste in order to experience, and to be filled. If we don't partake of the life-giving food, we miss out. We miss the deliciousness, and we miss out on the strength and energy it can give to us. We also miss the joy of sharing together with those we love around the table, talking and enjoying life as we enjoy a special and beautiful meal together.

In the same way - how often do we admire God, and view all His goodness from a distance, and yet, somehow, miss out on really experiencing it? Experiencing it ourselves, for real. We miss out on sensing His Love in the deepest parts of our hearts and souls. It is as if we are looking at the table of delicious food, yet, neglecting to enjoy it's sweetness.

As I look at my life, I discover that the path to actually tasting the goodness of God's love has come through a different route than I would have expected. Yes, it is true that the sun-filled days fill me up with Him - the days where I can hardly contain all the beauty and love that I see, all gifts from Him. The days that I am completely blown away by how He can love us so much.

But I also see a very different picture, as well. I see that often the times that I most deeply sense His love and His goodness come as the result of pain - from walking through trials and hard times. 

For when we are most in need, is when we experience His love in deeper ways than ever before. At the times when we are most needy, most desperate - these are the times when we run to Him more than ever before. We have no where else to go. We are in need. We are desperately hungry.

And so we open ourselves up to His love, open ourselves up for His help - instead of trying to do things on our own. And we find that He is always there, ready with His bountiful table full of love, grace, mercy, and strength. In our great neediness, these things taste exquisitely sweet, and they fill us up in our very deepest places of hunger. 

We taste of His goodness. 
And we are blessed as we take refuge in Him.

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