Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Freezer Meal Day

It was time for another Freezer Meal Day - and I was blessed to spend about 8 hours in my kitchen this past Saturday with three daughters who live nearby (we missed one who lives in TX)! It is always a special treat for me to have my daughters with me in the kitchen ... and it was an extra treat for each of us to be able to take multiple meals home at the end of the day for our freezers.

We get together about twice a year for a big Freezer Meal Day (we really should do this more often). Each of the daughters provides the ingredients for one main dish recipe, I provide for two ... and we chop veggies, cook meat, and prepare main dishes together all day long. And most of all, we enjoy being together, and catching up with each other's lives.

Our assembly line of preparing about 70 Breakfast Burritos!

The recipes we chose for this cooking marathon were:

Breakfast Burritos
Meat Loaf Miniatures
Freezer Mashed Potatoes
Beef & Bean Burritos
Hot Roast Beef (and Ham) Sandwiches
Chicken-Bacon Subs

We did a lot of wrapping of burritos, and assembling of sandwiches, each one wrapped individually for easy serving. Approximately 70 Breakfast Burritos, 30 Beef & Bean Burritos, 60 Hot Roast Beef (and Ham) Sandwiches, and 6 loaves of Chicken-Bacon Subs. We also chose to repeat a favorite freezer meal, Meat Loaf Miniatures, with Freezer Mashed Potatoes as a side dish. 

What each of us were able to put into our freezers from our day together!

I snapped this photo right before I put the meals for my hubby and me in our freezer at the end of the day! This spread of freezer food is what we made for each of five households - for each of our three daughters' homes, for a son in his 20's who also lives nearby (and who also joins us sometimes for our cooking day!), and for my hubby and me.

And a special thanks to my kind hubby who helped out with the five grandkids while we cooked all day long ... a six-year-old girl, three four-year-old boys, and a one-year-old little girl. There was non-stop activity all day long - in the kitchen, in the yard (on a beautiful fall day), and all through the house. 

Thanking God for memories to hold close, and for multiple meals for the busy holiday season.  

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  1. Such a fun day, like always. :) Love our time together...and the yummy food I take home!

    1. So, so grateful that we have this fun tradition together! Love you, dear daughter ...

  2. What a lovely tradition! You are blessed to have this closeness in your family!

    1. Yes, Janis, I am so grateful - it is a special gift from God that I do not take for granted - all because of Him.