Monday, November 18, 2013

Life and Peace {First Love}

"But letting the Spirit control your mind
leads to life and peace."
(From Romans 8:6)

Life and Peace. Two of the most sought-out treasures - how we long to experience life to the fullest, and how we long for peace. In our own hearts, and in our world. 

And because of God's great gift to us, we learn that there is a path that leads to life and peace. For us, for me - on a day-by-day basis ... 

On a day-by-day basis ... turning our hearts towards Him, exchanging our worries for prayers, lifting our eyes from our own concerns and leaving them with Him, surrendering to Him. Asking for His help all through the day ... for big and little decisions; inviting Him into every aspect of our day and life.

"Worship Me by living close to Me ...
This is My design for you;
that you stay near Me
as you walk along your life path ...
By staying close to Me,
you present yourself as a living sacrifice."
(Jesus Calling)

May our walking with Him 
be as vital to our day as our breathing.

Sharing thoughts and words from my journal as I read and write my way through Romans, and as I am continually taught to lean into Him day-by-day, moment-by-moment. For everything.

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