Thursday, November 14, 2013

Time for Me

So far, in this Planning with Priorities series, we've talked about First Love, Loving our Husbands, The Gift of Family, and Making a Home. There's no question that these are priorities for us as wives and moms. In fact, the First Love priority is a focus that wraps arms around all the other focuses of life. And the loving our husbands, caring for our children, and creating a home for our family all blend together each day. But we must guard our time for each, as the busyness of life and the call and pull of so many things can take over our days, forcing us to neglect these most important priorities.

But, this next priority ... Time for Me? Is there really a place for this priority? Taking time for ourselves may sound selfish, or self-centered. Sometimes we find ourselves slipping into believing that we must be busy every single moment, and that there is no time for our personal interests. I know that I have often fallen into this trap. And then we find ourselves feeling depleted as moms, unable to give to even those we love the most.

"Love your neighbor as yourself."
(Matt. 19:19b NLT)

These words have always intrigued me - for the loving our neighbor is connected with loving ourselves. How can we love and care for others if we do not love and care for ourselves?

We must care for ourselves, develop our interests, and feed our souls - not for selfish motives, but so we can have rest, and so that we are equipped to love others. Loving ourselves is okay. And good. After all, we are His workmanship, His masterpiece. We are loved by God, and we are neglecting His unique work if we do not love what He has created.

Taking time to pursue some of our interests and hobbies gives us an outlet, and encourages us to be creative amidst all the busyness of life. We are made in the image of our Creator. And as we use our gifts and creativity, we are living out who we were created to be.

So as we express ourselves for who we are, as we take time to pursue the interests we were born with and we have acquired (cooking creatively, exercising, creating with a sewing machine or a laptop, scrapbooking, writing, taking part in classes, reading, training as a runner, learning new skills, developing ourselves artistically or musically, spending time with friends, taking time for alone time, and on and on) - as we do these things, we become more fully alive. And we are better equipped to love and serve others.

"Happy isn't selfish. 
Happy people are actually more likely to help people." 
(Holly Gerth)

It will be difficult to find time for personal pursuits at various seasons of our lives. We will need to lay our desires at His feet, and ask Him for help. Maybe help will come through a friend who we can trade off caring for each other's children so that we can have time for ourselves and our personal pursuits. Or maybe help will come through our husband, as he covers for us an evening a week (as mine did for many years), so that we can have time for "just me". And maybe we will find as He holds us together during the busiest of years while mothering young children, when our days are filled so full 24/7 ... that He will meet us right where we are, giving us little breaks through a good book, or a phone call from a friend - refreshing us and filling us up.

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  1. Oh Cherry~I love your wisdom here! You sound like you have been mentoring young wives and mothers for quite some time. The design of your page also welcomes one into the home of an orderly Proverbs 31 woman. I am so glad to be here!
    Would love to know how you do the Digital Scrapbooking! I'm a little overwhelmed with all the photos I still have not put into scrapbooks for our children (two grown young men).
    Thank you for stopping by my place and your kind words about the Lord caring for me through a friend.

    1. Janis, thanks so much for your kind words here! About the digital scrapbooking, it was quite a process for me to make the switch, but I am really enjoying it. I hope to put a bit of info about how I do it in a post coming up soon ...

  2. Thank you for your words. The guilt from having Fibromyalgia and being sick and unproductive takes its toll. Stopped by from the Faith Jam. Your words were right on time.

    1. You are welcome, Melinda - thanks for your visit - and I pray that God will give you peace amidst your days of sickness, and that you will have time for refreshment and rest.

  3. Dear Cherry, I feel like you have so much wisdom to share - and I love how you share it with such gentleness. If you lived near me, I'd be bold and ask if I can come visit you. And just by being around you, I think I can learn so much about the art and heart of building a home and a family. I'm thankful I can read your words and learn from you that way. Right now, I'm rebuidling everything from the start and I'm thankful God is showing me rest and taking care of me is at the center -- because that is where Jesus is. Thank you for being a part of my journey, and sharing your home - your heart - with us in the Faith Jam. (hugs)

    1. Bonnie, your words are always so encouraging - you have blessed me so much as you write on your blog, and with every comment that you leave. So, so thankful that you are writing often again!! All because of Jesus.