Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Weekly Findings #3

This past week was a week full of helping and loving others - my 92 year-old father when he needed help with some shoe purchases, and also four of our sweet grandkids (our one year-old and our four year-old one day when their mom needed to take some Lightroom training; and our five year-old and our ten year-old for several days while their parents went on a little getaway). Lots of joy in serving, and less time for posting - which is all part of keeping my priorities in line. And today, sharing a few of the posts that caught my attention in between the comings and goings of this past week.

How to Beat Envy (It's Not as Hard as You think)

Oh, I am thankful to have stumbled upon this blog post this week. Envy is something that sticks up it's ugly head more times than I care to admit. I appreciated reading these thoughts by Kris. Maybe they'll be encouraging to you, too, as I know that most of us have to fight off the envy that creeps in from time to time.

How to Manage Your eBook Library

There are more and more eBooks available all the time - for very reasonable prices, and also, many of them for free. I appreciated reading this post by Nikki giving some helpful advice on how to manage and organize the eBooks on a laptop and also on other devices.

Vintage Inspired Painted Mason Jars

This looks like a fun idea to try some day. I have lots of canning jars in storage, left from the days when we had a huge veggie garden, and I put up food for most of the year. I should use a few and create some of these painted vases.


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  2. I love the way you serve your family.