Friday, May 17, 2013

A Mother's Prayers {Forever Close}

A mother's love is unending, following our children throughout our whole lives. And beyond. For we continue to carry a mother's love with us, even beyond their years with us on this earth.

Such is the case with my own dear mother. She left this earth for her forever home in 2007, at the age of 87. Her love continues. And also, her many prayers for her children, continue. Even after her second stroke, unable to do the things she loved to do, such as cooking and baking, and serving others in many ways - she could still pray. I remember her words spoken in hushed tones while lying on her hospital bed as she slowly and softly spoke about the things that she could no longer do - but, then as she had more to say, I leaned in close and heard these words ... "But I can still pray". And she did. She continued to pray as long as she was able. 

Of all the gifts that we give our children, is prayer one of the most priceless? And the most timeless? Are our prayers limited to the here and now of our existence? Or do they transcend time as we know it?

"When we pray,
our prayers exit our four dimensions of space-time."
(Mark Batterson, Draw the Circle)

God is not limited by time and space, as we are. So our prayers, heard by our God who lives outside of time and space as we know it, are heard forever. The many references in His Word to pray about everything, to pray without ceasing, to pray continually - certainly, are not a coincidence, but are important reminders for us. And maybe especially important reminders for us as mothers. For our prayers are making deposits in heaven, building up treasures that will last forever. Expressions of love and care for our children that will continue to live and bear fruit even beyond our own time.  

Of all the gifts that we give our children, maybe this gift that goes beyond time, is one of highest worth. Calling our hearts, our time, and our focus - to pray for our children.

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(Thanks to Renee for freely sharing the photo and quote above.)

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  1. I loved this, Mom. And I am so thankful for how you are such a faithful prayer warrior. It means so much to me, especially now that I am older. Love you!

    1. Thanks, Carrie, for your sweet words. I am so humbled and privileged to pray for you, and each one in our family. And I know you do the same for your two little ones ... love you, too.

  2. Love the quotes you shared. I tell my kids not only do I pray for them in the past and now but for all that is coming: like new friends, their future spouses. When two of my kids married, I wrote letters to the newest members of the family telling them I have prayed for them for a long time. Mothers leave such legacies of prayer. Great post and blog. coming over from Faithful Friday