Thursday, May 30, 2013

Trip to Texas (Part 1)

It's been a little quiet here on my blog for the past week or so - while we took a fun, quick trip to Dallas and back! So incredibly blessed by this trip to see our daughter, her husband, and four children in TX!

Eleven people in two vehicles - my hubby and me, three daughters, and six grandkids. A 13-hour journey to visit another daughter, her husband, and four more grandkids!

The trip went amazingly well and the six kids (one year-old little girl, three four-year old boys, five year-old girl, and a ten year-old boy) did great. They deserve medals for traveling the long journey so well - and we adults maybe deserve medals, as well! And we thank God for safety in travel, especially during busy Memorial Day weekend travel.

"I am with You, watching over you constantly.
I am Emmanuel (God with you);
My Presence enfolds you in radiant Love."
(Jesus Calling)

Photos of our Trip to Texas - to be continued ...

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  1. Welcome home, Cherry. Glad the trip was safe and fun and sounds like a HUGE memory made with the family. Great!
    Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me on memorizing Scripture. I am glad you might join in as well. Yes, maybe we can build each other up in the faith. Thanks for your visit.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  2. Oh Cherry, I had to chuckle when you referred to Dallas as a quick trip. You must live closer to it than I do. I also have had call to drive out to Dallas from time to time over the past few I don't have to go quite so far into TX...but my trips are still 5 hours of driving. Definitely a wonderful way to spend Memorial weekend...with family.