Monday, May 6, 2013

Snow in May

A very unusual first week of May - sleet and snow on May 1st, and cold weather for a number of days. May 2-4 was filled with grandkids - driving through the snow to a preschool "Spring Sing" program ... and then taking care of two grandkids while their parents went on a little getaway trip, and taking them to school on May 2nd when the start of school was delayed two hours because of snow. In May. Unbelievable. The only consolation is that warmer weather is sure to come soon.

Thanking God for: a grandson singing his heart out at his preschool program, time with him and his baby sister a few hours that afternoon while their mom took some Lightroom training, two overnights caring for another grandson and granddaughter, the sweet joy of children, sunshine for our days, a granddaughter recovering in a few hours from sickness, the promise of warmer weather to come, such good words to think on from church on Sunday (two amazing truths to hold onto every day - Jesus died for me; Jesus lives in me), His grace and His love, freedom, lunch with two good friends after church, a relaxing afternoon, a little visit from two more grandsons and their mom, and another episode of "Call the Midwife".

(Credits for digital scrapbook page - Page Template: Scrap Girls - ABR_SSLOAlb_Ser5; Paper & Embellishment: Sweet Shoppe - you are my happy by kristin cronin-barrow.)

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