Sunday, October 14, 2012

He Wants Us to Ask - {Heart Connect}

In this closest of relationships, where we are drawn together with our Creator through continual dialogue - our listening to Him through His Words and his Spirit, and our ongoing sharing of our hearts with Him through prayer - we find that we have someone who wants us to ask for whatever we need. There is no limit to the number of times that we can ask. And there will be an answer.

When we, ourselves, are asked for something, whether it be a request from our husband, our children, our friends - we have a sense of obligation to answer. Whether it be yes, or no, or maybe later. An answer needs to be given.

And, amazingly, over and over again in Scripture, we read that we are to ask. To come to God with all of our concerns - the little, as well as the big. He wants to hear, and He will answer.

"For everyone who asks, receives.
Everyone who seeks, finds.
And to everyone who knocks,
the door will be opened."
(Matthew 7:7)

"Call to Me and I will answer you ..."
(Jeremiah 33:3a)

Thanking Him for this awesome, unbelievable privilege - and desiring for this to be my first response to any situation I am in, whatever need I am faced with - to ask

(Note: I will be taking a one week break from posting here, as we will be spending time with a guest, and also taking a brief trip - asking Him for His blessings and His refreshment - and asking the same for you. Thanks for your visits here!)

Heart Connect: Living a Life of Prayer
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  1. I was just having this conversation with a friend this morning! Hmmm, I think God is telling me something. :-)

    Thanks for the additional nudge!

  2. I'm walking through not only asking, but remembering to praise for things already answered.